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Supanet ISP has been providing fast, secure and renowned internet since the 1990s but our core concept has remained the same: great service at a great price.

That's why we've chosen to be a reseller of BT. We offer what is essentially the BT service (a secure internet connection housed on the BT internet and phone infrastructure) but at a cheaper rate than even BT offers.

So whether you want the internet just for casual web browsing and checking emails or playing bandwidth hungry online games and streaming films, Supanet ISP has the answer.

  • Supanet internet powered by BT's network

  • UK call centres

  • Fantastic prices

  • High level of service

Just wanted to say thanks for the great service. As the price is so small I wasn't expecting much but Supanet has so far been fantastic!

Supanet ISP reviewed by Sue
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