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We are very happy with supanet who have delivered our internet services for many years.

Supanet reviewed by James M

Very happy with Supanet - A+

Supanet reviewed by Dawn

I upgraded to Supanet Fibre because our older broadband was too slow with the kids using it at the same time.  We get much better speeds now.

Supanet reviewed by Robert

Supanet is a great ISP - highly recommended

Supanet reviewed by Matt

Supanet fibre has worked brilliantly for me over several years - cannot fault them.

Supanet reviewed by Tim

Great service and great prices - better than the other big guys

Supanet reviewed by David

We have been with supanet for years with no problems whatsoever - thank you!

Supanet reviewed by Pamela

Supanet give me exactly what I need: a good, stable connection at a very affordable price

Supanet reviewed by Bradley

It's easy to see why these guys have been in the business so long. Supanet are still one of the most reliable ISPs out there

Supanet reviewed by Taraji

Perfect. 5 stars from me, great work Supanet

Supanet reviewed by Dede

If you're looking for budget broadband without any nasty surprises, look no further

Supanet reviewed by Nigel

Just wanted to say thanks for the great service. As the price is so small I wasn't expecting much but Supanet has so far been fantastic!

Supanet reviewed by Sue
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