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Let's review the company history: Since Supanet was founded in 1998 and started providing revolutionary free internet access in 1999, the brand has become a mainstay of quality, recommended highly since the early days of home internet.

Remaining a leader in the field for over a decade as new products and ISPs come and go is not to be taken for granted – Supanet has paved the way with brilliant technology, friendly UK call centres and an emphasis on quality.

Supanet is now one of the leading suppliers of fast, reliable and trusted home broadband empowered by BT's faultless network infrastructure.

Reseller of BT services

Supanet is an independent ISP with national coverage thanks to its expert usage of BT's network infrastructure.

It's the best of both worlds – Supanet's personal touch backed with BT's nationwide wiring foundation. The partnership between Supanet and BT effectively means that we can offer the customer some of the cheapest broadband and phone deals available in the UK.

The only difference between going to BT directly is that you will pay a lot less at Supanet.

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